Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a valuable document to have, everyone should have one so let us explain a little more and why you should have one.

Firstly there are currently two different documents – One covers Property and Finance and the other covers Health and Welfare – We would suggest that you have both to make sure that you are fully covered.

The idea of a Lasting Power of Attorney is for you to nominate who you would like to act for you (an Attorney) if you need help or lose mental capacity in the future. The Attorney’s can then make decisions regarding all aspects of your life – ie: Banking, Finances, Property, Care etc with your best interests at heart and of course – LEGALLY.

We have all experienced problems dealing with an account that is not in our name – ie Gas, Electric, Telephone bill etc – this becomes even more difficult if the account holder is unable to speak for themselves – having the Power of Attorney gives the right people the ability act for you without a problem.

Most people will appoint their children or other family members to be Attorney’s, there is no limit as the number of Attorney’s you have – they can be appointed to act jointly or on their own which makes everything really simple for them – you can also appoint people to act as reserve Attorney’s.

The most important thing is to understand that you may need this at any stage of your life – its not just for old people! If you had an accident or an illness that meant you were incapacitated for a while – who is going to deal with things in your own name – without a Power of Attorney – Legally no one can – even joint accounts at the bank become a problem – of course – it won’t happen to me! is often a statement we hear – so the choice is yours – Protect your family cheaply and easily or leave it to chance and end up with a very expensive bill and a lot of heartache and frustration at what would be a very difficult time.

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