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Our Professionals have been writing Wills for over 20 Years. We are members of The Society of Will Writers and adhere to their code of conduct, which includes holding Professional Indemnity Insurance for your added protection.

Making a Will is a very important and sometimes difficult thing to bring yourself to do. Therefore we want to make the process as simple and straight forward as we can – the following notes will give you an idea how we do this:
• We can visit you at home at a convenient time to you – Daytime or evening at no extra cost.
• We explain everything in simple to understand terms – No Jargon !
• We are not salesman – we explain everything so that you can make an informed decision
• We provide a fast, efficient and professional service

If you prefer you can of course visit our Offices in Westcliff on Sea or we can take your instructions by phone, Skype or email.
Don’t forget – there are a lot of important things to decide and our experts will make the whole process much easier for you.
To make your appointment call us now 01702 585988

Why make a will?
A Will is a fairly straight forward document that explains what you would like to happen on your demise.
Each person has their own Will – Mirror Wills are normally prepared for a couple (ie Husband & Wife) as they will be similar but still individual.
If you die without making a Will things become more complicated and chances are your Estate (everything that you own) may not go to the people you would expect it to.
For instance – many people say that they don’t need a Will as everything will just go to my Husband/Wife or Children – unfortunately this is not entirely true – the government set specific rules as to what you can actually inherit without a Will so you could end up with a lot less than you think!
Without a Will – Who will look after any young children if something happened to you? – In this scenario the state decide for you and the people you would want/expect to look after them may not end up doing so – plus it will take a while to sort out which can be very stressful for your children as well as your family. A simple Will choosing Guardians can prevent this and after all – you love your children – so don’t leave it to a stranger to decide.

Contact us now 01702 585988 to arrange an appointment.